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Shipping Information

All orders will be shipped within 1 business day of receiving your payment. All packages have no indication of content, are marked "Private and Confidential" and the contents are not visible or identifiable from the outside of the package. All shipments to all destinations are fully insured and covered in the event of loss or damage - though we will require you to follow some simple steps in order to have a refund or re-send in those rare occurrences when your shipment is lost or damaged.

UK Customers

Royal Mail aim to deliver all 2nd class mail within 2-4 days and all 1st class mail within 1-2 days but due to the high volume of mail that they handle it is not always possible. They estimate that around 90% of all 1st class post will arrive the next day with the majority of the other 10% arriving the day after. Unfortunately, some post takes longer than that but only around 0.02% of mail never gets delivered. If you cannot afford to take the chance of the item not arriving within 1-2 days then we offer a "Get it Fast" option which guarantees next working day delivery to the UK.

Overseas Customers

All overseas shipments are via Priority Air Mail and usually arrive in 3-5 days for Europe, 5-7 days for North America and 7-10 days to Australasia - but please be aware that delays can sometimes occur especially if the package has to pass through customs. All packages are correctly labelled including completed Customs documentation and our specific FDA Import Licence number for all North American shipments. We are legally bound to fill out the customs declarations correctly and honestly so please do not ask us to mark the package as "gift". We are also not responsible for any customs charges that might apply. As already mentioned, all shipments to all destinations are fully insured and covered in the event of loss or damage, but most items will not have a tracking number as it is relatively expensive - an extra £6 - and so it is not economical for our lower value items. If you would like us to send your order with tracking then please contact us for a revised invoice.


Unfortunately due to the global pandemic, there are severe delays on a lot of mail, especially overseas shipments. We have spoken at great length with Royal Mail about this and they have advised a lot of the delays are due to social distancing rules. They explained that they would normally have 40-50 people working on sorting the mail, but due to the guidelines to keep 2 metres apart, the number of staff is reduced to 5 or 6 people, meaning the mail is taking 8-10 times longer to process. The delays on overseas orders are further impacted by similar staff reductions at airports and in customs departments. Furthermore, many country's customs have a huge amount of mail backed up to process and are now asking the sending countries to hold the mail whilst they clear the backlog. The amount of delay will vary greatly by location (smaller sorting offices might not have had to reduce staff so delays could be minimal, whereas large depots will be significantly affected), but we have had reports of UK packages taking 3-4 weeks to arrive whilst some overseas packages are taking 8-10 weeks. We are very sorry about this but there is nothing we can do to speed things up - this is just an unavoidable reality given the current global crisis, so we ask that you please be patient and allow extra time for your delivery to arrive. If you cannot afford to wait, then please choose the Tracked or Courier options which are still running a reliably fast service.