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 El coleccionista ecléctico

El coleccionista ecléctico

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 En la tienda encontrarás antigüedades, estilográficas, relojes, artículos de plata, aparatos antiguos, papel, complementos vintage, documentos, libros, objetos de cine, juguetes y muchas ideas originales para sorprender regalando. Un lugar distinto para las personas apasionadas por el coleccionismo.

AVISO!!! La tienda permanecerá cerrada entre el 1 y el 22 de agosto. Los usuarios pueden adquirir los artículos, pero los pedidos no se procesarán hasta el jueves 23 de agosto. Lamentamos las molestias que podamos ocasionarles. Muchas gracias por su comprensiónNOTICE!!! The store will be closed between August 1 and 22. Users can purchase the items, but orders will not be processed until Thursday, August 23. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you very much for your understanding



The Eclectic Collector is a store created in 2005 with the aim of commercializing antique, writing instruments, fountain pens, watches, vintage accessories, sheet music, books, medals, movie posters, toys and collectibles at competitive prices and with the maximum guarantee of quality, authenticity, professionalism and service customer.

From the beginning the store opted for the online marketplace, for shipping to anywhere in the world and for build a philosophy based on the friendly, the constant attention and the quest for ultimate satisfaction of the buyer.

On the Internet is a value to be transparent. It is a valid principle to define us. The items we have for sale include multiple photos in high resolution, are described with the best intentions and honesty, and always available if someone wants to buy them. Similarly, the contact information is presented in a clear and accessible and the user can choose various methods to locate us.

Send messages to the buyer at the time of purchase, to receive income, and to ship the item with tracking number. We accept returns within a maximum period of seven days if the item has damage not listed in the description or is there some objective cause. The buyer will pay the costs of sending the article except that the store decides otherwise.

It should be noted that it is logical that any old object, but is in good condition, showing little damage, and normal signals or intrinsic flaws in their own time. An article with fifty or sixty years of history can not be measured the same parameters you would use a new one, and in this regard, we urge buyers to try to be fair and balanced in their judgments.

We recommend to buyers that if our work is not five stars contact the store to solve the problem. If buyers are happy the shop would appreciate the highest score because it shows the opinion that our customers have of The Eclectic Collector.

One of our slogans is not to discriminate against users, regardless of their votes or their place of origin. We are thrilled to provide people who are new to the ebay or online shopping, a first operation easy, comfortable and enjoyable.

The customer has different methods to pay for your purchase. You can pay by paypal, bank transfer (free for Europe), money orders and credit card (contact us).

Our profile sales on eBay, with more than a thousand transactions and positive scores well above the average for the site, is your guarantee.

We hope with your help continue to improve and grow as a business online.